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            • Blue whale safari, Sri Lanka

            MArine and whale watching holidays and safaris

            An encounter with a whale is one of the most memorable experiences out there, catching eye-contact always brings a sense of understanding between the two species, creating a connection and memory that will last long after your encounter ends. Whether you would prefer to watch from a dry boat as they show off their breaching skills in South Africa, would like to swim with blue whales in Sri Lanka, snorkel with killer whales, or even join some narwhal in the icy waters of the Arctic; there are whale watching opportunities across the globe.

            We have compiled some information about the different whales you can encounter on a whale watching holiday, including where and when to see them.?

            Have a browse through and get in touch when you find the whale that inspires you to get out there!?

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            Swimming with blue whales in Sri Lanka

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