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            • Chimpanzee close up

            Everything you need to know about a chimpanzee safari

            Battling with vines and scrambling across tough terrain, suddenly you are amidst a group of quietly preening chimpanzees. Resting on the forest floor, you observe their daily interactions as they play, fight and care for each other with astonishingly humane movements. If the trek has lasted a little longer, it is possible that they are already on the move after a chilled out morning, screeching through the high canopy in search of food in the forest.


            At Natural World Safaris we have specialised in designing the perfect chimpanzee safaris in Tanzania and Uganda since we started out as World Primate Safaris back in 2005. Our thorough knowledge has led to our ability to tailor your chimpanzee safari to put you in the right place at the right time to maximise your chimpanzee experience..


            A chimpanzee safari can be hard work, sometimes lasting up to 9 hours (return trip) through unpredictable terrain, but it is worth it.


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            Experts view

            Experts view

            A long trek down to the base of the gorge took us within metres of these highly mobile primates. There they were right in front of us, after hours of trekking. We had stumbled across siblings, a brother and a sister, holding hands…a truly unforgettable experience.


            the chimpanzee

            Chimpanzee, or chimp, is the common name for one of the two ape species in the Pan genus. Four subspecies of chimpanzee exist across Africa; Western, Central, Eastern and Nigerian. The second species in the Pan genus is the Bonobo but there are no subspecies of Bonobo.

            Chimpanzees are classified as great apes and share 98% of our genes. Prominent characteristics include long arms, opposable thumbs, a black/brownish fur and bare skin on their face, palms, ears and soles of the feet. Highly sociable primates they move in flexible groups of between 15-80 individuals with one dominant male, and communicate through a series of screams, pant hoots, squeaks and barks. Movement during the day is often on the ground and can either be bipedally (upright) or knuckle walking. They are larger than you might think, with males weighing up to 70 kilos, reaching a height of up to 1.7 metres when standing upright.

            Chimpanzees can be tracked in Tanzania and Uganda, and combined with gorilla tracking, or even lemurs in Madagascar for the ultimate primate experience.

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            Our primate safari experts know everything there is to know about seeing primates in the wild. Get in touch to find out more and start designing your journey.

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