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            • Wild orangutan, Borneo

            Discover some of the best wildlife safaris in the world

            Discover some of the best wildlife safaris in the world

            Wildlife safaris are undoubtedly the area we specialise in and the entire Natural World Safaris team is truly passionate towards them. Starting out as World Primate Safaris in 2005, we understandably have unbeatable knowledge on all things primate, from tracking the mountain gorillas of Uganda and Rwanda, to orangutans in Borneo and even lemurs in Madagascar. Our second brand became World Big Cat Safaris, and was a great chance to show how knowledgeable we are with these magnificent creatures across the globe, from the tigers of India and the famous big cats of Africa, to elusive jaguars in Brazil and snow leopards in Ladakh. Last, but by no means least, we opened World Bear Safaris, specialising in seeing the polar bears and grizzly bears of the Arctic and North America.?

            Take a look below for up to date information on some of our specialist wildlife areas, or contact us now for information on designing your very own wildlife holiday.

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            Throughout our site you will see a variety of wildlife safaris to choose from, from specialist led and set departures to 100% bespoke and tailored to your specific requirements. We never claim to be the cheapest organisation however we do put you in the right place at the right time in order to maximise your wildlife safari experience. As ex-safari guides, and our specialists having lived or worked in the destinations that they now sell, the value we offer is in excelling in local expertise and ensuring that you enjoy the best wildlife experience possible in your destination of choice.

            As an alternative to browsing by species listed above, please also feel free to browse by the best time to visit so that you can truly understand where to go when in order to benefit from the best wildlife safari holiday possible.

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