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            • Polar Bears Safari

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            The above calendar is linked to a page for each individual month of the year. Each month page has some of our favourite places to travel to, the best things to do, and top safaris for that month, as well as a list of destinations that are great to travel to at that time. So if you know when you want to travel; perhaps you wish to go somewhere in the school holidays, or know you want your honeymoon to be in August but don't know where to go, you can use the above to find the best places to go on holiday at that time.

            The experts here at Natural World Safaris have worked hard to compile the best safaris for each month so we can get you to the right place at the time you wish to travel, to maximise your wildlife viewing opportunities; whether you are looking to go away in the winter for some sun, fancy escaping the summer to the icy polar regions, or just have a few weeks off work to fill.

            It is not uncommon to know when you want to go, but not where. Have no fear, just select the month you want to travel below and let us do the work for you.

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