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            Why Safaris to Greenland are Truly Unique

            Why Safaris to Greenland are Truly Unique

            The world’s largest non-continental island with the sparsest population of any country, Greenland is a vast expanse of wilderness that boasts spectacular scenery, rugged, mountainous landscapes and resilient Arctic wildlife. According to Icelandic legend, Greenland was named by the Viking Erik the Red in an attempt to entice settlers to its green and fertile shores, despite 80% of its land area being covered by thick ice sheets. In contrast to the harsh climate of the interior, the islands coastlines are interspersed with lush valleys, intricate fjord systems and picturesque villages made up of colourfully painted houses.

            Most of the population of Greenland is concentrated along the islands western coast, in the capital city of Nuuk and in settlements surrounding the stunning Disko Bay, while the east coast is virtually uninhabited aside from a scattering of remote Inuit villages. During the summer months, the pack ice breaks up allowing travellers to explore Scoresby Sund, the world’s largest fjord system, sailing past towering icebergs, snow-capped mountains and delicate ice sculptures.

            Andy Mann, Greenland

            beyond the arctic circle

            For thousands of years, Inuit communities have managed to eke out a living in the frozen north of Greenland. Today, the majority of the islands far north lies within the Northeast Greenland National Park, the largest national park in the world encompassing an area of 972,000km2, with a permanent population of just 40 Arctic researchers. The inhabitants of this unspoilt wilderness are far outnumbered by the wildlife that can be found in this remote region, including half the worlds population of muskox and the King of the Arctic himself, the mighty polar bear.

            Travelling down the eastern coast you will come across Kong Oscar and Kejser Franz Josef Fjords, where you can hike across the steep, tundra-covered mountains to visit a number of historic trappers stations. Further south, a scattering of brightly-coloured houses make up the isolated community of Ittoqqortoormiit, one of few settlements on the east coast, leading into the meandering waterways of the Scoresby Sund fjord system.

            On the west coast of Greenland lies the capital and largest city of Nuuk, set against a panoramic backdrop of snow-capped peaks. With a population of just under 17,000 people, Nuuk is the cosmopolitan centre of the island with a museum, international airport and several restaurants. A number of other settlements are dotted around the scenic Disko Bay area, including the picturesque cliff-side village of Uumannaq and the town of Ilulissat, situated at the entrance to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Ilulisat Icefjord.

            Here, thousands of icebergs that have broken away from the Jakobshavn Glacier drift slowly across the fjords calm, glassy waters.

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