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            • Icebergs, Antarctica

            Faq Listing

            Why should you go to the Polar Regions?

            Need an excuse to travel to the ends of the earth? Or just looking for which end to travel to? A region of stark colour, where brilliant white meets countless shades of blue in an ice-cap dominated wonderland, here you can witness majestic polar bears in the Arctic, marvel at entertaining colonies of penguin in the Antarctic, spot various whale species and take in astounding scenery of gigantic icebergs, groaning glaciers and idyllic fjords.

            • The Arctic

              The Arctic regions lie at the northern extremity of the earth, a place where survival hangs in the balance and some of the world’s most resilient animal and plant life can be seen. Largely off bounds for a proportion of the year, expeditions depart during the months of July, August and September when the sea ice melts sufficiently for vessels to explore the pathways with under perpetual daylight, visiting indigenous Inuit communities in Arctic Canada, Century-old European settlements in Svalbard or soaring peaks in Alaska. Prepare to witness the King of the Arctic, the polar bear, enjoying its favourite haunts, as well as enjoying whale watching, grizzly bears in Canada and Alaska and trekking the mystical tundra. 

              The natural phenomenon of Aurora Borealis, or 'Northern Lights', is another highlight of the region, and is best experienced during the winter months, with December to March offering the longest period of darkness.

            • Antarctica

              Antarctica, the White Continent, is a place of adverse extremes, where European explorers once boldly hazarded. Our expeditions here are also restricted to the austral summer months between November and February. The warmest months of December and January offer the best chance to see penguins feeding their newly hatched chicks, whilst November is the best time to witness their courtship rituals. 

              Whale watching here is generally at its best in February and March, whilst the stunning and pristine scenery of calved icebergs, jagged peaks and cobalt blue, ice-choked waters is a constant.

            • Our trips

              Both the geography and the climate of these polar areas can be unpredictable and the landscapes are continually shifting and evolving as Mother Nature intended, which requires some flexibility on the course of the expedition. All trips we offer to this region are in comfortable vessels, lodges or camps that ensure you get the maximum from your experience and involve guides that are specialists in polar navigation. 

              These guides will have a general itinerary to follow but may use their discretion to alter the route, with the safety of their guests as top priority and a large focus on the wildlife of the regions.

            Chinstrap penguins, Antarctica

            Your Next Steps

            Speak to one of our Polar Regions specialists to find out more, and start designing your very own extraordinary journey.