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            • Svalbard Shannon Wild

            Itinerary Summary

            11 Days
            Apr - Aug 2021 & 2022
            Small Group Safari
            Duration Price When Destination Type
            11 Days £7195 Apr - Aug 2021 & 2022 Svalbard Small Group Safari
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            Svalbard Polar Bear Explorer

            Explore the stunning Spitsbergen Archipelago aboard the M/V Kinfish - intimate ship charters focusing on sightings of the amazing polar bear and other Arctic wildlife of Svalbard.

            The best time to see polar bears in Svalbard is during the summer months, when you can explore the wildlife capital of the Arctic aboard one of our small ship expeditions. You will sail north from Longyearbyen exploring the western coast of Spitsbergen in search of colonies of walrus as well as other resident marine mammals. Setting sail during the heart of the Arctic summer, the sea ice will be fragmented, sending ice floes along the eastern part of the Archipelago. Searching these principle hunting grounds for the polar bear, the M/V Kinfish will allow close-up encounters with this majestic creature.


            What makes this trip extraordinary

            • Navigate far into the icy north for close-up polar bear encounters.
            • Stay aboard an intimate expedition ship with as few as 11 other passengers.
            • Enjoy walking and sailing through incredible landscapes and breath-taking fjords and waterfalls.
            • Witness other Arctic wildlife including walrus, whales, Svalbard reindeer and more.

            Embedded Video Overview

            A 9-, 10- or 11-day wildlife-focused specialist-led set departure aboard the M/V Kinfish??
            from $9,174 per person, excluding international flights

            Svalbard Photo Safari - Shannon Wild
            Kate Humble, Natural World Safaris Specialist Guide

            Kate Humble & Natural World Safaris

            Veteran BBC presenter Kate Humble has joined us as specialist leader on two of our Svalbard Polar Bear Explorer expeditions thus far. Kate’s passion for wildlife and the natural world has seen her feature in a cavalcade of much-loved television programmes like Springwatch and Animal Park, while she also involves herself in charity work for a number of conservation organisations, from the RSPB to the Marine Conservation Society.

            Upon returning from her first trip to Svalbard with NWS, Kate shared the following words with us:

            ”As you know, the beauty of great wildlife encounters is that they are unpredictable, and although knowledge and experience of a place can up your chances, there are no guarantees. The first talk I did for the guests was absolutely about that – that even with a BBC Natural History team, cameras, specialist guides and equipment, there is no certainty that you are going to find what you are looking for, and even if you do, see it doing something that is interesting enough to film. But the combination of knowledge of both the landscape, and the ice, with some luck, and a flexible itinerary, meant we not only saw many polar bears throughout the trip, we also witnessed some really wonderful behaviour.

            It was this that made our Svalbard safari a completely stand-out wildlife-watching experience.

            Day by day

            Day by day

            Day 1

            Arrive Longyearbyen

            Today you will arrive in Longyearbyen ready to board your expedition ship in the afternoon and start your Arctic adventure. Meet your fellow passengers and sail through the spectacular icy fjords of the Svalbard Archipelago.

            Days 2-10

            Exploring Svalbard

            Your time aboard the M/V Kinfish will be spent exploring the Svalbard Archipelago in search of Arctic wildlife and frozen landscapes. The exact itinerary will depend upon the weather conditions, the density of the pack ice in the north and wildlife opportunities; as well as the chosen length of your trip. During your Arctic safari you can expect to visit ice-filled fjords framed by breath-taking snow-capped peaks, towering bird cliffs with colonies of seabirds numbering in their thousands and see gigantic glaciers crashing into the icy seas. Alongside stunning landscapes go in search of polar bears as they hunt for seals, seek out colonies of walrus basking in the sun and spot whales breaching in the icy seas. On shore you may come across Arctic fox, Svalbard reindeer and, of course, the impressive Arctic flora.

            Natural World Safaris Svalbard Photography Safari 2018
            Day 11

            Depart Longyearbyen

            You will arrive back into Longyearbyen in the early morning, disembark and then time to say your final farewells and begin your journey home.

            Trip Details

            Our Svalbard Polar Bear Explorer trip is a small group wildlife expedition. The M/V Kinfish is a small, intimate ship perfect for exploring the icy shores of the Svalbard Archipelago, ensuring your proximity to wildlife-rich areas of interest. Carrying 12 passengers, it creates unique and enchanting wildlife experiences with unrivalled up-close encounters of Arctic wildlife, including the mighty polar bear.

            Trip date Duration Prices from Specialist guide(s)
            May 02 - May 10 2021 9 Days £8595 Benjamin Hardman
            May 10 - May 18 2021 9 Days SOLD OUT Martin Hartley
            May 18 - May 26 2021 9 Days SOLD OUT  
            May 26 - Jun 03 2021 9 Days SOLD OUT  
            Jun 03 - Jun 11 2021 9 Days £7195  
            Jun 11 - Jun 20 2021 10 Days £7895  
            Jun 20 - Jun 30 2021 11 Days SOLD OUT Chris Michel
            Jun 30 - Jul 10 2021 11 Days SOLD OUT  
            Jul 10 - Jul 20 2021 11 Days SOLD OUT  
            Jul 20 - Jul 30 2021 11 Days SOLD OUT  
            Jul 30 - Aug 08 2021 10 Days £7895  
            Aug 08 - Aug 18 2021 11 Days £9595 Andrew James
            Trip date Duration Prices from
            May 04 - May 12 2022 9 Days £8895
            May 12 - May 20 2022 9 Days £8895
            May 20 - May 28 2022 9 Days £7595
            May 28 - Jun 05 2022 9 Days £7595
            Jun 05 - Jun 13 2022 9 Days £8895
            Jun 13 - Jun 22 2022 10 Days £8095
            Jun 22 - Jul 02 2022 11 Days £8295
            Jul 02 - Jul 12 2022 11 Days £8545
            Jul 12 - Jul 22 2022 11 Days £8545
            Jul 22 - Aug 01 2022 11 Days £8545
            Aug 01 - Aug 11 2022 11 Days £9795
            Aug 30 - Sep 08 2022 10 Days £7595
            Trip Logs

            M/S Freya Log 2019 | Aug 2019 M/S Freya Log 2019 | Aug 2019 M/V Kinfish Log 2019 | Jul 2019 M/V Kinfish Log 2019 | Jun 2019 M/V Kinfish Log 2019 | May 2019 M/S Freya Log 2019 | Apr - May 2019

            Polar bear close up, Svalbard

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