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            • Jungle wildlife holiday

            Jungle and rainforest holidays

            Jungle and rainforest holidays

            The planet’s most spectacularly fecund greenbelt jungles, are home to an extraordinary wealth of flora that supports some of the most eye-popping fauna of every shape, shade and size imaginable. 

            Take your pick of a variety of jungle holidays, from driving through the undulating wilds of India in search of tigers and sloth bears; taking to the great snaking rivers of Borneo to spy orangutans, proboscis monkeys and crocodiles; heading into the jungles of the Amazon on the lookout for jaguars, macaws, monkeys and river dolphins; to saddling up to ride on horseback through the volcanic landscape of Costa Rica; picking your way through the orchid-dotted jungles of Madagascar whilst keeping your eyes peeled for lemurs; and trekking into the mountains of Africa on the trail of gorillas.

            Stay deep within the jungle in an eco-lodge perched over the river’s edge, or perhaps wrapped in the white-washed elegance of an imperial hotel. As an exquisite meal settles into your stomach and you gaze at the setting sun, be sure to sip a cocktail on the veranda to put the seal on another unforgettable day in the jungle.

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            River walk, Costa Rica

            best jungle destinations

            Fancy exploring some wild jungles? Find out about the best ones here, as well as the wildlife you can see and some suggested jungle safaris.

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            Lapa Rios, Costa Rica

            Top jungle lodges

            These lodges take you to the middle of vast, wild jungles for a truly immersive jungle experience in some of the best locations on the planet.

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            What to wear

            Packing for your jungle experience doesn't need to be difficult. Read our suggested packing list here for some top tips on suitable jungle attire.

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            Design your own jungle experience

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