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            • Ultima Thule Lodge, Alaska

            the ultimate in safari holiday destinations

            The range of experiences we offer in the natural world covers a variety of stunning worldwide destinations each with their own unique habitats and characteristics. From expeditions to the extreme polar regions, to tracking animals in the steamy rainforests of Asia, or safaris to explore the arid deserts and savannah plains of Africa, whatever is on your travel radar, we can take you to the heart of the action. 

            feel free to browse the regions below in order to find your ultimate in safari holiday destination.

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            Know what you want to see but not where you want to go?

            the best in safari holiday destinations

            A Quick Overview of Where to Go

            If you are looking for the ultimate in luxury, then a holiday to Botswana has it all, from the safari chic of Mombo to elephant walks at Abu Camp, whilst enjoying some of the best wildlife on the African continent. For family safaris, Kenya is hard to beat; with private family safari houses, conservancies set up for activities more varying than just game drives (to keep everyone entertained!), and some great beach relaxation for a few days to unwind. Madagascar is one of our personal favourites, great for families, wildlife enthusiasts or those just wanting to relax for a few days on the beach – the weird and wonderful wildlife of Madagascar however will not disappoint. If it’s up close and personal wildlife you want then gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda is pretty unbeatable and whilst an experience not to forget, can be combined perfectly with a few days on safari in Kenya or Tanzania.

            For those that want something a bit cooler, then head to Canada or the polar regions. Track the King of the Arctic in Churchill or based from Seal River Heritage Lodge, spend time on foot with the grizzlies of British Columbia, or set off on an expedition to the Antarctic to check out the emperor penguins or coast alongside whales.

            If it’s the Latin effect you desire then why not explore the rainforests of Brazil or Ecuador or the turquoise waters of the breathtaking Galapagos Islands For those wanting a little bit of everything – rainforests, beaches and adrenalin – then Costa Rica has to be your final destination.

            Finally you have the option of heading to the Indian subcontinent in search of the elusive Bengal tigers and snow leopards of India or the old man of the forest (orang-utan!) and pygmy elephants of the tropical island of Borneo.

            As all of our safaris can be tailor-made to your specific requirements, we are confident that we will be able to provide you with the ultimate in safari travel. Please feel free to browse our full list of destinations, or alternatively contact us and we would be happy to chat you through the best options!

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