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            Why Zimbabwe safari holidays are truly unique

            Why Zimbabwe safari holidays are truly unique

            Plagued until recently by instability and unrest, Zimbabweans are warm and friendly people who openly welcome tourists to visit on a Zimbabwean safari holiday. The list of attractions remains undiminished and includes no less than two World Heritage sites - the majestic Victoria Falls and Mana Pools, located on the floodplains of Africa's Great Rift Valley - as well as countless other areas of natural beauty. Mostly blanketed with savannah grassland in its central and western parts, with some tropical evergreen forests around the eastern highlands and rock formations to the north, Zimbabwe has terrific variety which has seen it rank amongst the top 40 most beautiful habitats in the world.

            Zimbabwe Elephant at Ruckomechi Camp


            The mighty Zambezi cuts along the northern frontier, starting its journey by plummeting over the Victoria Falls, before eventually flowing into Mozambique and the Indian Ocean. The falls are a great base for adventure holidays, with adrenaline pumping activities available, from canoeing and rafting to abseiling, horse safaris, tiger fishing, bungee jumping and even walking with lions - the list is seemingly endless! The Falls are also a starting point for safaris into Hwange National Park, the country’s largest game reserve, but not only is it famous for its size. Home to over 100 mammals, you will find the world’s largest elephant population, all of the big cats, zebra, giraffe, hyena and, if you’re lucky, the elusive African wild dog.


            The Great Zimbabwe is another of the area’s more secret gems, sometimes overlooked by the more avid wildlife fans. Once the capital of the Kingdom of Zimbabwe, this ruined city is believed to have existed during the country’s Iron Age and it’s monument, the most famous stone building in Southern Africa, stands crumbling over 150 miles from Harare, 1,100km above sea level. Holding major archaeological interest, the site is swathed in history and inspires to imagination to work over time on the people who once ruled and lived here, a time when cattle production and gold were the countries major wealth.


            Mighty waterfalls and great ruins; discover some of zimbabwe's top attractions, aside from the wildlife.

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