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            • Forest elephants in Central African Republic

            Why gorilla safaris in the Central African Republic are totally unique

            Why gorilla safaris in the Central African Republic are totally unique

            As its name would suggest, Central African Republic sits landlocked in the heart of Africa and is mainly comprised of savannah plateau and southern equatorial forest. As a destination it is relatively undiscovered, but for the more adventurous and pioneering traveller it offers an original experience that is distinctly African.?

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            Lowland gorilla

            Pristine wildlife

            Boasting some of the most pristine parks and reserves in Africa, the scenery and wildlife of the CAR can leave you speechless. On the border area with Cameroon and Congo, the luscious Dzanga-Sangha National Park is home to some of Central African Republic’s last spots of untouched virgin rainforest. The area is also home to some of the most endangered animal species.

            Lowland gorillas, black rhino, chimpanzees and jungle elephants are all found in Dzanga-Sangha and the fees here are channelled back into the conservation of the reserve.



            The capital city Bangui, characterised by tropical greenery and resting beside River Ubangi, is home to various attractions such as the St Paul Mission, cathedral and Boganda Museum.  The central market is colourful, effervescent and is well-known for its tribal art and quality malachite necklaces.  The Grande Corniche is an excellent riverside spot to catch views of the fishermen’s huts and canoes on the banks of the Ubangi. Southwest of Bangui you will find the village of M'Baïki, home to tobacco, timber and coffee plantations and whose surrounding rainforests are home to indigenous pygmy communities where residents average just 4 feet in height. 

            With a rich cultural tapestry that includes over 80 ethnic groups and religions ranging from Muslim to Christian, there are ample opportunities to view people from very contrasting walks of life. Visiting some of the local villages and communities that are home to Ba’Aka pygmies can involve real cultural interaction at its most engaging. The pygmies occupy a narrow band of tropical rainforest that straddles the equator and they are the largest group of hunter-gatherers in the world today. The people of CAR are both resilient and friendly and whilst their official language is Sango, French is also widely spoken in this captivating country.

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